Models and references

Model References
Glove without cuff 0GWO.131*0.000.GA/DR
Glove with short stainless steel cuff 0GWO.131*2.075.GA/DR
Glove with long stainless steel cuff 0GWO.131*2.000.GA/DR
Shoulder glove 0GWO.131*6.000.GA/DR
Glove with « BLADE-STOP » cuff 0GWO.131*7.000.GA/DR


Size number Tag colour Equivalence
00 Black 4 - 4 ½ XXXS
0 Brown 5 - 5 ½ XXS
1 Green 6 - 6 ½ XS
2 White 7 - 7 ½ S
3 Red 8 - 8 ½ M
4 Blue 9 - 9 ½ L
5 Yellow 10 XL
6 Purple 11 XXL

WILCO, 100% stainless steel metal mesh glove

  • Ambidextrous
  • Five fingers
  • Available with or without cuff
  • Stainless steel spring system for closing
  • Visual size identification with a colour tag
  • Compliant with requirements of the following standards: ISO 13999-1, NF EN 1082-1, NF EN 14328 and NF EN 1811 + A1

The WILCO stainless steel metal mesh gloves offer a great protection for boning operations, cutting operations with hand knives or motorized knives and scissors.



Patented closing system with stainless steel spring protected by mesh . The system makes the closing auto-adjustable, the  metal mesh glove fits the mophorlogy of the operator. This system also ensures a perfect fasten day after day.



The  metal mesh glove acts as a knit glove and fits all morphologies. Easy to put on and to take off.



Metal mesh gloves are completely closed : there is no slit on the side.



100 % stainless steel metal mesh gloves are resistant to cleaning and disinfecting products.



Each  metal mesh glove has a plate that will allow us to review its background.



Cleaning: PPE cleaning is performed using an appropriate cleaning gun, by vigorous brushing or in a washing machine. In any case, the water temperature should be between 50 and 55°C max. Only use products authorised for food contact by health services. High chlorine dose is not recommended.
Rinsing: with water. Storage: in a dry and ventilated place.