Download all the information about the lightinox or lightover aprons (references, dimensions, etc.)

100 % stainless steel chainmail Boning tunic

LEVEL 2 protection as per EN ISO 13998 standards

Features of the 100 % stainless steel chainmail :

  • Internal ring diameter : 5,6 mm
  • External ring diameter : 7 mm
  • Stainless steel wire diameter : 0,7 mm

Lighter model, safety and comfort guaranted.



Lightover tunic and Lightinox apron provide all the comfort and flexibility of chainmail to the operator.



Lightover tunic and Lightinox apron are reversible, offering a total protection thus avoiding any possible risk from wearing it back to front.



Lightover tunic and Lightinox apron will guarantee long-term use if it is cleaned out every day by thorough brushing or by high-pressure jets of soapy hot water (50°C) or by a soaking in water with a soft detergent. Rinse with water at 82°C. Do not use toxic products to clean or rinse them. For disinfecting, only use products authorized by the veterinary services. Do not use any chlorine or chlorinated alkaline products at high concentration, and avoid prolonged contact with these products. After cleaning it, leave them in a dry and aired room.



perforation2_t1y.pngLightover tunic and Lightinox apron are recommended for the use of a hand knife or cutting tools, notably for boning or meat and fish cutting operations.
MANULATEX shoulder gloves can be easily adapted to LIGHTOVER tunics thanks to a press stud system.