S-protec® work apron

Material Dimensions Thickness
Polyethylene 100 x 130 cm

100 µm

S-Protec® work apron

MANULATEX developed (together with SYNGENTA) a chemical-protective apron, especially adapted for the preparation of phytopharmacological pulps used by farmers, tree growers, wine makers, etc. : the “S-protec®” apron.
This apron is a good replacement to the suit that is not easy to put on:

  • The apron covers the entire front of the body and the arms
  • It is easy to put on, over working clothing, without having to remove boots
  • Thanks to the S-protec apron, you will not soil the tractor cab
  • It is available in a single size. It is easy to adapt the apron to the user’s size by simply cutting the sleeves and bottom of the apron but still covering carefully the top of gloves and boots
  • It is impervious to a wide range of phytosanitary products
  • It can be washed so you can wear it several times
  • It is advocated for the duration of one spraying campaign

This apron is certified compliant to the standard EN 14605 – category III – PB (3) type
: this apron is certified by an external auditor and a compulsory audit of the production line is run once a year.