The European standards

The European Union approved the (UE) PPE 2016/425 regulation.

This regulation applies to personal protective equipment, hereinafter referred to as ‘PPE’.
It lays down the conditions governing its placing on the market and free movement within the Community and the basic safety requirements which PPE must satisfy in order to ensure the health protection and safety of users.

For the purposes of this Directive, PPE shall mean any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards


Personal Protective Equipment covered by this directive is divided into 3 categories :

  • Category I – ‘Simple’ design P.P.E. – e.g. gardening gloves, sun glasses.
  • Category II - ‘Intermediate’ design P.P.E. e.g. cycle helmets, high visibility clothing.
  • Category III – ‘Complex’ design P.P.E. – e.g. Firemen’s helmets, respiratory Protective Equipments.

In order to cover these categories, the same ranking is used for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) :

  • Category I  : simple protection PPP for minor risks. CE Auto-certification
  • Category II : PPE aimed at protecting against non-lethal dangers, serious risks. Certification is made by an authorized organism.
  • Category III : Complex protection – PPE for protection against lethal dangers or serious and irreversible injury. Certification is made by a notified body, with EC quality control system for the final product II and System for ensuring EC quality of production by means of monitoring, as well as training.

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perforation2_t1y.pngResistance to penetration

coupure2_p0x.pngResistance to cut


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