PPE manufacturer
Made in FRANCE
Chainmail gloves, metallic aprons, work aprons and oversleeves

Born in a small workshop in Champtocé-sur-Loire near Angers in 1979, Manulatex is among the top world leaders in manufacturing chainmail PPE. These equipments are declined in gloves and aprons. For more than 40 years these equipments bring us pride and are facing a real success all over the world. Manulatex also produce a large range of work aprons and oversleeves for different fields such as food industry, chemical industry and agriculture.


Made in France



In 2020, Manulatex had the privilege to represent the department of Maine et Loire during the great exhibition of “Made in France” at the Elysée palace, an event promoting the local manufacturing. It is an honor for our company as it highlights 40 years of experience and efforts in maintaining know-how, values and cutting-edges industry in our country. We are aiming to keep innovating and offer our customers products responding their highest requirements.

More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing Personal protective equipments gave us the opportunity to gain a know-how and unique techniques. Our employees are trained to complex manufacturing methods to produce ever more efficient equipments. Requirements and care we bring to our products allows us to be part of the top world leaders in manufacturing chainmail PPE.

At Manulatex, our research and development department gives us the opportunity to offer you products more innovative and closer to your needs. In addition of our standards products we develop specifics and custom made products for our clients. With our laboratories we are able to test the efficiency and the quality of our materials. This is how we can propose you reliable and cutting edge products. Since the beginning of our activity we filed more than 20 patents.