We propose you 3 chainmail gloves ranges for food industry. These stainless steel mesh gloves are the result of 40 years of experience and innovation in personal protection field.

Our chainmail gloves are made in France with a 100% stainless steel mesh. This chainmail is approved for food contact. They are very popular in food industry, industry and agriculture.They give the possibility to work safely for the professionals of meat industry, catering, supermarkets and textile industry.They provide protection against stabbing and cuts. With WILCO, WILCOFLEX or GCM  you are sure to find the equipment you need. Our gloves are PPE (personal protective equipments) category II.

  • WILCO range propose you a wrist fastening and forearm fastening (depending on the model) with spring protected by mesh. This glove offers a better fastening and a better resistance compares to a classic glove.
    Moreover in order to help you facing safely any kind of situations, this chainmail glove is also reversible.
  • WILCOFLEX range offers you a perfect fitting all over the hand thanks to its integrated tensioners system. Get rid of plastic tensioners! This glove brings you a a better fitting for a better dexterity.
  • GCM range with its wrist fastening by polyurethane removable strap allows you to adjust the glove to your convenience. Our 100% PU straps and 100% stainless steel buckles are removable and replaceable.