We propose you 5 metallic aprons ranges. These aprons are the result of 40 years of experience and innovation in personal protection field. They offer a full protection for the professionals of meat industry, catering, supermarkets and textile industry.

With PARINOX, LIGHTINOX, LIGHTOVER, FLEXINOX and TPLUS you are sure to find the equipment you need. Our metallic aprons are PPE (personal protective equipments) category III.

  • PARINOX range propose you an apron and a tunic specially developped for trimming.
  • LIGHTINOX and LIGHTOVER range offer you boning apron and tunics with or without sleeve(s).
  • FLEXINOX range with its stainless steel plates apron and tunic gives you an exceptionnal protection.
  • Finally, TPLUS propose you a wide range of boning tunics with or with sleeve(s) or with split legs. These tunics will provide you lightness and security.

The conception and the stainless steel chainmail of our aprons and tunics will bring you comfort, flexibility and resistance to work safely.